Grace Bible Center Community Service
Our policies on court-ordered and school-required community service

For school-required community service, we are happy to cooperate with the usual required
paperwork from your school.

In most cases, you can fulfill court-ordered community service requirements at Grace Bible
Center.  We appreciate your considering volunteering with us.  

Grace Bible Center always reserves the right to not accept or to discontinue working with
any volunteer. If you are caught doing anything harmful here, we may report this.

Unfortunately, Grace Bible Center is not able to work with those who have committed most
felonies or violent crimes. In that case, the court that ordered community service should be
able to help you find placement. If you have difficulty finding a place to do community
service, let us know. We will try to help you find a place.

Grace Bible Center does not charge any fees for accepting community service volunteers.
All other court fees, fines and administration charges are your responsibility. We do not pay
any transportation expenses for those serving community service.

Before you can begin community service with us, we need a “Registration for Community
Service Form” completed, a document(s) explaining the reason for the community service
need, specifying what the original charge/offense was and the final decision of the court.
This information will be kept confidential.  
You must email, mail or fax this information
to us for acceptance.  Fax number (630) 658-0378

We need to see the original and keep a copy of an official photo ID (such as a passport or
driver's license), proof of current address and phone number.

We provide time sheets to keep track of required hours and will also cooperate with any
reasonable paperwork required by the court.

Thank you for your interest!


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